Speaker Resources

ANA2021 Speaker Resources

Thank you for your participation as a speaker during the ANA2021 Virtual Annual Meeting! Below are some resources to help you plan for a successful virtual presentation.  

How to Access the Virtual Annual Meeting & Your Session

All session participants (speakers, chairs/co-chairs, moderators) will recieve a seperate link to join their session on or before October 16, 2021. If you do not recieve this message by the 16th, please contact the ANA Meetings team at meetings@myana.org.

To Upload Your Pre-Recorded Presentation and Slides

The deadline to submit your recording and presentation slides is September 16th. If you have not uploaded either, please do so as soon as possible.


The naming convention for your pre-recorded presentation file should follow:


example: 10.17_Marci Knapp_Opening Plenary _Recording_V1


The naming convention for your presentation slide file should follow:

Date_Name_Session_PPT _Version:

example: 10.17_Marci Knapp_Opening Plenary_PPT_V1

If you wish to provide any handouts to attendees, you may also upload your file to the site above. Please label your file:

Date_Name_Session_Handout _Version:

example: 10.17_Marci Knapp_Opening Plenary_Handout_V1

If you wish to replace your recording, presentation slide, or handout file prior to the September 16th deadline, follow the steps above and resave your file using the correct version number.

How to Record and Prepare for Your Presentation

It is important to keep your presentation recordings within the time frame allotted for your individual presentation. Recordings that exceed their allotted time will be returned to speakers for re-recording. If you are unsure of the length of your presentation, please contact the ANA Meetings team at meetings@myana.org.

How to Record Your Presentation
​How to Prepare for Your Presentation

The ANA expects the content of CME presentations to adhere to the following:

  • Educational materials that are part of accredited education (such as slides, abstracts, handouts, evaluation mechanisms, or disclosure information) must not contain any marketing produced by or for an ineligible company, including corporate or product logos, trade names, or product group messages. An ineligible company is (“… any entity producing, marketing, re-selling, or distributing health care goods or services consumed by, or used on, patients”). Examples here.
  • All recommendations for patient care in accredited continuing education must be based on current science, evidence, and clinical reasoning, while giving a fair and balanced view of diagnostic and therapeutic options. 
  • All scientific research referred to, reported, or used in accredited education in support or justification of a patient care recommendation must conform to the generally accepted standards of experimental design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation. 
  • Evolving topics are presented without advocating for, or promoting, practices that are not, or not yet, adequately based on current science, evidence, and clinical reasoning. Sessions that cover these topics must be clearly identified in the program or agenda.
  • CME cannot include unscientific approaches to diagnosis or therapy, or education that promotes recommendations, treatment, or manners of practicing healthcare that are determined to have risks or dangers that outweigh the benefits or are known to be ineffective in the treatment of patients. 
  • Faculty must not actively promote or sell products or services that serve their professional or financial interests during accredited education. 
  • Only relevant relationships are disclosed to learners prior to the activity for CME purposes. If you wish to disclose other relationships, you may do so on a separate slide or clearly identify by bolding the font for those that are related to the topic.

Tech Support

If you require additional tech support, please contact Briar Booz at bbooz@imsts.com. Assistance is available Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time.