Abdelhak Belmadani, PhD

Northwestern University

I received a PhD in Medical Sciences and Neuroscience from the university of Bordeaux II, France. After moving to the United States, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Dr. Michael Collins, exploring how ethanol preconditioning affects the neurotoxicity due to HIV-envelope protein gp120. Since joining the laboratory of Dr. Richard Miller at Northwestern University in 2002, I have worked as a Research Assistant Professor, focusing on the molecular mechanisms underlying brain function, with special emphasis on chemokine signaling and neuropharmacology. My focus is to understand how chemokines and other inflammatory mediators regulate aspects of brain function, including the naturally occurring adult neurogenesis in conditions such as stroke and epilepsy, and pain mechanisms, including in peripheral diabetic neuropathy and osteoarthritis. In 2017, I was promoted to an Associate Professor of Research in the dept. of Pharmacology. My academic experience and qualifications have been highlighted in numerous high impact peer-reviewed journals and collaborations. Techniques I have mastered included: mouse genetics, neuroanatomy, adult neurogenesis and stem cell- related procedures, organotypic brain cultures, pain behavioral assays in mice and live fluorescence imaging in vitro, ex-vivo and in live behaving mice.


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